beautiful shiv temple at allwyn colony miyapur hyderabad

By | May 22, 2016

There is a very big beautiful shiv temple at Allwyn colony Miyapur Hyderabad. It has idols of God Shiva, Goddess Durga,separate Sai baba temple inside the temple compound. The temple is about 9 years old. It has lot of rush during any of the festivals.

There is a small shiv-ling which is under a tree where you can offer milk,etc directly yourself to Shiva as in the other part of the temple its only done by swami(pujaari ji).

Krishna Allwyn Temple

Krishna Allwyn Temple

Some of the festivals which i liked in this temple is Dussehra which is difficult to find in this part of Hyderabad. They create an effigy of Ravana and burn it which is not common in all temples here.

All different temples

1) Shiv Temple

2) Sai Baba Temple

3) Hanumaan ji Temple

Recently there is very large size shivling which is being created in this temple along with some small mountains.

Best part is that committee taking care of temple spends a lot of money in all different areas and every 15-30 days you will find some good change inside this compound.

There is small kind of pound in one corner of the temple. People often come for their new vehicles.


Pictures taken at various different celebrations inside beautiful shiv temple at allwyn colony miyapur hyderabad (use left and right keys to see all images)

Temple Timings

   Morning   06 am to 11 am  / Evening  06 pm to 0830 pm


 Morning   06 am to 12 pm/  Evening  06 pm to 09 pm

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Hope you will visit the temple soon.

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