grafest college comedy skit

By | February 7, 2015

I got a chance to participate in college comedy skit in the annual fest of our college named as Grafest 2008 in Graphic Era University,Dehradun. The skit name was “Hanji- Naaji”, a skit which starts with comedy and  becomes serious by the end and has a lesson at the end of it. The script was by SMS urf Sachin Mohan Sharma with last lesson written by our genious friend Deshdeep urf DD.



Haanji Naaji

Haanji Naaji


Story Overview – Grafest college comedy skit

Gajodhar from Jharkhand visited his in-laws in saharanpur (kidney faad ilaka) to meet them but end up informing them that their daughter, Santo died. Gajodhar follows instructions given by his father blindly to say Haanji and Naaji on every questions.


Some of the best scenes

  • How to travel instructions by Putan
  • Discussions between Tau and his wife
  • Haaji – Naaji seqeuence





1) Putan – Deshdeep urf DD
2) Tau   – Sachin urf SMS
3) Tau’s Wife – Nikhil Bharti
4) Gajodhar’Father – Alok choubey
5) Story Teller – Prakhar Jakhmola
6) Chaudhary – Sourabh Silori
7) Gajodhar – Gaurav khurana

Hope you like it, and share it, Also do share your valuable suggestions/comments below

Do share which character did you like the most and why ?

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