Jagganath Temple Delhi

By | August 11, 2018

Jagganath Temple in Delhi, the full name is Sree Neelachala Seva Sangha Jagannath Temple has a very nice architecture.

Its just 500 meters before the famous Hauz Khaas Village

Here in the main altar.

There are deities of

  • Jagganath = Krishna (Rightmost)
  • Subhadra = Krishna’s sister (Middle)
  • Balbhadra = Krishna’s elder brother (Leftmost)

Garuda devta deity in front of Jagganath’s deity. Garuda Deva is the vaahan(Vehicle) of God Vishnu

All the pujaris speak Oriya language here.

Apart from the main altar there are other altars in the temple


A pic clicked from the outside

Below are outside the altars

On the walls outside the temple the below idols are placed

Prasadam is available in the basement.

Its one of the temples you should visit in Delhi.

You must not miss the kheer available here. Its the best i ever had in my life and many other people have the same feedback. You can get some packed for your home.

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